Your Wisestone divination boxed set consists of two divination books;

The Wisestone Fortune Teller Book and the Wisestone Oracle Book.


The Wisestone Fortune Teller Book

The Fortune Teller book is the first book in the wisestone box set. This is the only fortune telling book in the world that does what is says on the box – it actually tells your fortune. The only other divination system that can be compared with wisestones is the Tarot. However, unlike many Tarot books, The Fortune Teller will give you an in-depth wisestone forecast for your present situation, your love life and your career in one easy step.

Simply draw two wisestones from the pouch. Then turn to the page showing both the wisestones that you have drawn in the sequence in which you drew them and you will receive a complete wisestone reading outlining your love life and career opportunities that will truly amaze you and your friends. After reading the interpretation you will have an in-depth snapshot of your present situation and where your future life path is heading. The Fortune Teller contains professional forecasts from every possible combination of wisestones drawn. Using The Fortune Teller book to read your fortune, or anyone else’s for that matter, is like having your fortune told by one of the most successful and experienced soothsayers in the world.

The Fortune Teller is totally unique in the history of fortune telling books. Each year dozens of Tarot books are printed which claim to teach the reader how to read the Tarot. In reality, many of those books only give the information that each card individually represents, but not what they represent when combined with other cards. This can be confusing for anyone trying to learn how to use the Tarot and is of limited use to anyone hoping to take up fortune telling professionally.

With the aid of The Fortune Teller and your set of wisestones, you will be able to instantly give yourself, or anyone else, an in-depth wisestone reading outlining what is happening in your life at that moment in time and give a prediction on how your love life, career or money situation may develop over the coming weeks and months. This can be great fun with friends over a glass (or three!) of wine.

Wisestones are uncannily accurate and offer more in-depth and straightforward forecasts than any other divination system in the world. As an added bonus, The Fortune Teller also provides detailed instructions to help anyone become a professional wisestone reader. So, if you have ever dreamed of starting a new career as a highly-paid professional fortune teller but don’t relish the idea of spending five or six years of your life just learning the basics of the Tarot, you should consider wisestone divination.

The wisestones system is guaranteed to be surprisingly simple to learn and is astoundingly accurate when it comes to telling a person a little about their past as well as predicting their possible future.

We guarantee that with just a few weeks of study and practice you will have mastered the art of wisestone fortune telling to such a high level, that you will have the ability to start a new career as professional wisestone reader. Fortune tellers typically charge a standard consultation fee of between £25 and £40 per half hour session.

However, if you were to simply use the professional forecasts shown in the Fortune Teller book to give wisestone readings, for instance at new age fairs, you may find yourself giving readings that will amaze your clients and which are more in-depth and straightforward than the majority of the Tarot card readers at the same event.

The Wisestone Oracle Book

The Oracle book is the second book in the wisestone divination set and offers astounding insight into the psyche and present life path of the person having their oracle read. Simply pick one wisestone from the pouch, go to the appropriate page in The Oracle and you will receive a spiritual oracle reading for that moment in your life. Combine this with any reading that you receive using The Fortune Teller (the first book in the wisestone divination box set) and you will receive a map of how your future is likely to unfold if you keep to your present path. You will also receive spiritual guidance to help you make the most of any predicted opportunities and avoid anything not to your liking. The word ‘divination’ means ‘divine guidance’. It is up to each individual to choose if they wish to heed any warning or advice offered in their wisestone reading or not.

Wisestones picked in a reading offer a guide to where your present life path is leading, and are an indication of its likely outcome if you stay on that path. It is very important to remember that all human existence and experience is ultimately the outcome of Karma, although Karma itself is not  preordained.