Your Personal Time Travel Kit

If time really is only an illusion, anyone with the right tools should logically be able to glimpse the future just as easily as they do the past.

Congratulations! You now have the opportunity to acquire just such a tool. Wisestone divination, like other predictive arts, mirrors the forces that surround and influence every aspect of our lives: past, present and future. However, unlike other divination tools such as the Tarot, Runes and I Ching, Wisestones are not only uncannily accurate but are also surprisingly simple and uncomplicated to use.  Wisestone divination offers a visual reference to the hidden forces that shape and impact our daily lives and is a spiritual signpost to our likely future.

You can use your Wisestones to tap into the nature of time itself and gain a glimpse of what the future may hold or simply to seek spiritual advice and guidance when making decisions regarding your fulfilment and happiness.

Subconsciously, a person will always pick the wisestones that most accurately represent their life path at that particular moment in time. Wisestone predictions are made by using the spiritual energy of the wisestones to gain a glimpse of one’s personal circumstances and present life path. Wisestone predictions regarding present and future events are then made on the assumption that the person in question will not divert greatly from their present path nor heed the warnings or advice offered in their Wisestone reading. If, on the other hand, they decide to take the necessary action and act on some of the advice offered in the reading, the Karma forecast in the reading and their life path can then be changed to something more to their liking. Alternatively, they may choose to do nothing and ignore the warnings and advice offered, in which case future events will begin to unfold along the lines predicted in their Wisestone reading.

The word ‘divination’ means ‘divine guidance’. It is up to each individual to choose if they wish to heed any warning or advice offered in their wisestone reading or not. Wisestones picked in a reading offer a guide to where your present life path is leading, and are an indication of its likely outcome if you stay on that path. It is very important to remember that all human existence and experience is ultimately the outcome of Karma, although Karma itself is not preordained.