Wisestone Divination for the Aspiring
Professional Wisestone Reader

As an added bonus, The Fortune Teller book {the main book in the Wisestone box set} provides detailed instructions and advice to enable anyone who wishes, to become a professional Wisestone reader in a matter of weeks. If you have ever dreamed of starting a new career as a professional fortune teller but you don’t relish the idea of spending five or six years just learning the basics of the Tarot, why not give Wisestone divination a chance and you could be starting your new career in weeks instead of years.

The Wisestones divination system is surprisingly uncomplicated to learn and is astoundingly accurate when it comes to telling a person a little about their past as well as predicting their possible future. Fortune tellers typically charge a standard consultation fee of between £30 to £40 per half-hour session.

The Wisestone Fortune Teller book contains professional Wisestone forecasts worked out for every possible combination of Wisestones drawn. You can use these as a source of reference while you acquire the necessary skills to become a professional Wisestone reader. Remember that everything in life is in a constant state of change. When offering your service as a professional Wisestone reader, you are advised to put your faith in your own intuition and your newly acquired skill as a Wisestone reader and not to rely more than is necessary on the static readings in the book. However, if you were to simply use the professional forecasts given in The Fortune Teller book to give readings, for instance at new age fairs, you will find yourself giving readings that are far more in-depth and straightforward than the majority of the Tarot card or Rune stone readers at the same event.

As a professional Wisestone reader, your intuition will prove as valuable as anything you learn from either of the books in the Wisestone box set. In most instances, before you start the Wisestone reading you should never ask your clients for any details whatsoever about their circumstances or why they want the Wisestone reading. Instead let the Wisestones be your guide. Simply focus on the Wisestones drawn and allow their essence and meaning to flow through your mind for a moment, then say whatever your intuition tells you, no matter what that is. You will be surprised with the results.

Your clients will be impressed with any reading you give using The Fortune Teller book alone. However, as an aspiring professional you owe it to yourself and your clients to spend the necessary time studying both books in the Wisestone box set in order to acquire a fundamental understanding of the spiritual essence of each Wisestone before you launch your career as a professional Wisestone reader. Feel free to experiment with the layout and the number of Wisestones used and even develop your own style by designing layouts similar to Tarot card or Rune stone spreads.

In any reading, each Wisestone has its own personality and spirit, and will represent something that is taking place at that moment in time or is about to take place in the very near future. By gaining an understanding of the deeper meanings behind the cosmic number and the life path of each Wisestone {see pages 109 to 119 of the Fortune Teller book}, you will be able to indicate to your clients the general trend of their Karma and how their future is likely to unfold if they keep to their present life path.