Using Wisestones to give accurate forecasts, insights and predictions for the past, present and future, is easy.

First, it is important to point out that there is no need to study or learn anything whatsoever before you start using your Wisestones.

Using Wisestones to give astonishingly accurate forecasts and predictions for yourself and others could not be more simple or straight forward. Every possible Wisestone combination and interpretation regarding the future outcome of present actions and events have already been worked out for you and are contained in the Fortune Teller book enclosed with your Wisestone box set.

How to do a Wisestone reading.

{ 1 } Place the Fortune Teller card face up on a table.

{ 2 } Randomly draw two Wisestones from the pouch, one at a time. Place the first Wisestone in the top circle entitled Major Influence and the second Wisestone in the lower circle entitled Secondary Influence.

{ 3 } Then turn to page 10 in the Fortune Teller book.

{ 4 } Scroll down the section entitled Major Influence Section. When you come to the part showing the first Wisestone drawn, turn to the pages numbered alongside it.

{ 5 } Then turn to the page showing the two Wisestones drawn in the exact sequence in which they were drawn from the pouch. Here you will receive a comprehensive interpretation and forecast focusing on your past and present situation and any upcoming opportunities for that moment in your life. Wisestone readings concentrate on the main pillars of a person’s life, their love life, home and family situation, future career and financial opportunities. The only other divination tool that comes anywhere close to the accuracy and detail of Wisestones is a Tarot card reading from a highly experienced and skilled professional Tarot card reader.

The sequence in which any of the 10 Wisestones are drawn from the pouch will change the meaning and message in each reading, in the same way as Tarot cards change their message in line with the sequence in which they are drawn and laid out. However, unlike shop bought Tarot cards, the author of Wisestones has already interpreted every message, meaning and advice offered by every possible sequence in which the Wisestones can be drawn.

Wisestones represent the physical and spiritual journey of the soul within the human wheel of life past, present and future. Each Wisestone is empowered by the Circle of Raphael’s Master Adept, enabling them to react to the aura of the person receiving the Wisestone reading, helping to connect directly with the living all-knowing Universe. This means that the person having a reading will subconsciously always pick the Wisestones that most accurately represent their life path at that particular moment in time.

Einstein showed us that time is just a fourth dimension and that past, present and future are just an illusion created by our mind. Our perception of time helps us to experience both time and if itself in the most effective way for our survival. Divination tools such as the Tarot, Runes and Numerology help our minds break free of the illusion of time and allow us to glimpse future patterns of our life. Wisestones combine the wisdoms of the Tarot, Runes and Numerology – three of history’s most successful ancient divination systems combined into one amazing accurate and easy to use system.

to use system.