The Mask of Fate

Wisestone Cosmic no 1: This is the axis at the centre of the wisestone cosmic cycle of life. Its magical number is 1. Upright, like the human, it stands alone, while at the same time defining itself as the creator and the centre of the wisestone universe. It is the symbol of the great architect, the creator of all. It also represents the cosmic solitude of the parent awaiting the return of the beloved offspring. The figure 1 is the number of loneliness, symbolizing the feeling that every conscious being experiences at sometime in life

In divination the Mask of Fate, cosmic number 1, represents a person who is strong, individual and creative. People with this number are born leaders who are ambitious and sometimes domineering and aggressive. This is the number of innovators, winners and people who can be very self-centred and perhaps even tyrannical. Known as “the wander”, in a reading it forecasts that with courage one can achieve the impossible. The Mask of Fate usually represents a career-minded person who will devote more energy and attention to their chosen profession or project than to their personal relationships. In a reading, the Mask can indicate that one is about to receive an unexpected helping hand from fate.