The Swords of Conflict

Wisestone Cosmic no 5: The Swords of Conflict stands for that which is dangerous and changeable. It expresses the opposing forces of the mind and seeks to find direction by turning in on itself. Conflict is caused by the mind being caught between the past and present. This indicates that a balance must be found soon or one’s mental health may suffer as a result. The Swords of Conflict represent what mystics call the ‘hollow present’ and this element makes number 5 dangerous and unstable. On a more positive level, the Swords of Conflict are sometimes referred to as the ‘breath of life’ and are associated with the five-pointed pentagram which, in turn, links it to the formative forces of the universe. The Swords of Conflict are strongly linked to Venus, the morning star, illustrating that all conflict comes to a end in time and that the brave will ultimately triumph and follow their star. Sometimes the Swords can indicate that conflict is unnecessary and should be avoided if possible. Peace conferences are usually held at the end of all conflicts, but a wise person would hold the peace conference before the conflict commences.

In divination the Swords of Conflict, cosmic number 5, represents a person who is lively, sensual, pleasure-seeking, impulsive, quick thinking and, at times, quick-tempered. People with this number can be highly strung and may have trouble with their nerves. These lively, impulsive people are nature’s risk takers and are usually good at making money by unconventional means. They are single-minded to the point of madness in the pursuit of their goals and bounce back easily from any failure or set back. In a reading, the Swords can indicate that something that is causing mental stress is unreal or only in the mind. The Swords can indicate that an opportunity to put the past right and clear the air for a more balanced future is near at hand.