The Sun King

Wisestone Cosmic no 4: The Sun King stands for the male, the material world, the four elements, financial stability and mental strain. It offers support to all the other wisestones. It also brings restraint and a sense that a payment is due for any help offered. The Sun King is practical and worldly (but not necessarily wise), and does not give without expecting something in return.

In divination the Sun King, cosmic number 4, is oriented to the Earth and represents someone who is steady, practical, with great powers of endurance and a sharp wit. The Sun King contains its own opposite, and as such will often see things from the opposite point of view. This can make a person rebellious and unconventional. In a reading, the Sun King can represent a person who finds it hard to make close friends, or those who may feel isolated and alone. People with this number are rarely interested in material things, but often find themselves over-worked and with little or no time to just relax and enjoy life. On a more positive level, the well-balanced number 4 indicates a life of material success and financial rewards.