The Star of Destiny

Wisestone Cosmic no 9: The Star of Destiny is called the wisestone of the writer, artist and teacher. It is the lucky number of love multiplied by itself (3+3+3 = 9) and the mystic number of great power and good fortune. The Star of Destiny represents the creative positive power of the cosmos. It stands for the beginning of a new and happier circle of life and the completion and successful outcome of a project. It is also the wisestone of great possibilities and the most positive wisestone of all. Of all the wisestones this is the only one that has no significant negative influence.

In divination the Star of Destiny, cosmic number 9, represents a fighter who usually succeeds after a struggle. It shows that one will soon have a chance to rebuild or regain that which may have seemed lost. A little sadness is sometimes the price that must be paid for a better future. With this wisestone on one’s side things can only get better. In a reading the Star of Destiny advises that sometimes the past and the present must be turned on their heads to create a bright and happy future for all. When you see the Star of Destiny you know that better times are just around the corner. The Star of Destiny can sometimes forecast opportunities for fame and fortune, or that a marvellous and exciting period in one’s life is near at hand.