The Serpent of Wisdom

Wisestone Cosmic no 7: The Serpent of Wisdom is perhaps the most significant of all the wisestones as it stands for the complete person and the union of both the physical and the astral. Known to mystics as the ‘complete temple’ number 7 is considered the most spiritual of numbers. It preserves the idea of the seven ancient planets, the seven days of the week and the magical sevens found in the occult realm. The Serpent of Wisdom stands for the good life, but for all its holiness it stands alone against the world. It is the most creative of all the wisestones, for all truly creative persons must at times separate from the world to bring the creative divinity and heavenly order down to earth.

In divination the Serpent of Wisdom, cosmic number 7, represents a person born with a strong philosophical and spiritual outlook and usually not much interest in material things. The Serpent of Wisdom indicates a highly intuitive, or even psychic, person who can often exert a mysterious influence over others. People with this number are original thinkers and have the luck associated with the spiritual and lucky number 7, with a great love of adventure and a restless love of travel and the sea. In a reading, the Serpent of Wisdom can indicate a person who is highly evolved spiritually, what Mystics like to refer to as an ‘old soul’. They are open-minded and are prepared to see both sides of any story. They are also very fair-minded, and under no circumstances will they suffer fools or bigots gladly.