The Moon Queen

Wisestone Cosmic no 2: The magical number of The Moon Queen symbolises eternal womanhood at the height of its maturity. This wisestone represents love, relationships and the sexual attraction between the sexes. It sometimes also symbolizes instability and duality of mind, indicating that the time has come to make an important choice, or that a person has reached a forked road in their life, with each road leading to a different outcome.

In divination the Moon Queen, cosmic number 2, represents a gentle artistic person who is more geared to thought rather than to action. People with this number can be very changeable and may suffer from a lack of self-confidence. On a more positive note, they have great charm, a powerful intuition and a very inventive mind. However, their tendency to over-sensitivity and lack of self-confidence can sometimes rob them of the rewards and opportunities offered by their highly creative and ingenious mind. In a reading, the Moon Queen can indicate that a decision is urgently required in order to avoid one being forced later which will bring short term gain and long term anguish. One is advised to show greater self-determination and to start acting with a single-minded resolve if they really want to reach their full potential and achieve their goals in life.