What is the difference between a Talisman and an Amulet?

Talismans work in a positive way by attracting the casual Cosmic energies and Angelic influences necessary to create whatever effect or result its owner may desire. Our most successful general purpose talisman is our unique talisman of the Seven Angels. {Amulets help neutralise and repel certain forces and situations before they can manifest and promote an undesired or negative effect.} To some extent talismans and amulets achieve the same result: An amulet which helps to ward off misfortune is after all doing much the same thing as a talisman which sets out to procure good fortune. Raphael’s amulets are known to have the Angelic power to guide their owner away from danger and misfortune. Recently, one of our valued customers testified that she did not wish to leave an event, even when her inner voice urged her to do so. Only when she started to feel ill, at the same time as her Chi-ro amulet became very hot was she compelled to leave the area with only moments to spare before a major tragedy. Our Chi-ro Qabalah protection amulet is, without doubt, the most effective and successful Angelic protective amulet in the world today.

We all understand how necessary it is to have proper insurance in case of an accident. However insurance can only go so far, so what about divine Angelic insurance? Raphael’s powerful Chi-ro amulet has been used as a highly protective Angelic talismanic item for thousands of years and has a proven record of success that is second to none. Why not order an extra one for a friend or loved one.