Circle of Raphael Testimonials

Our master Adept has been creating genuine fully empowered life enhancing talismans for over 40 years.

The following testimonials are just a fraction of the numerous unsolicited testimonials we receive each and every year by both email and regular mail from our thrilled and elated Worldwide customers.

For your interest, we have here reprinted and edited just a small number of the testimonials we have on file.

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Circle of Raphael Testimonials

The following are all genuine unsolicited testimonials. 

Read on to hear what our valued customers have to say about the life-enhancing talismans created by the world-famous Circle of Raphael

1* Thank you very much for the Money Talisman that you prepared for me some weeks ago. The effect of the talisman happened almost as soon as it was consecrated and since then I have managed to get a highly paid job abroad as well as receiving no less than eleven refunds from various organisations who have all written to me telling me that they owe me money. It really is very impressive indeed.

2* The talisman of the seven angels which you made for me already seems to be bringing me luck – two days after receiving it I had a job interview, of which I was offered the job on the spot, and I accepted. I have also been offered interviews by another four different companies.

3* I am very happy with the talisman of the seven angels I had from you. My life has certainly changed for the better, without any special effort on my part. Thank you.

4* Dear Raphael I’m glad I wrote to you for the Jupiter House Talisman, since I received the Talisman my luck has certainly changed. I can hardly believe a problem that has been never ending is now over at last……

5* To the Circle of Raphael, I am glad to I am absolutely thrilled with the King Solomon’s Love talisman. It has brought me a wonderful, faithful, dedicated love who came into my life while on holiday. She really loves me! The talisman worked within a week, even when it wasn’t on my person – its brilliant!

6* Dear Circle of Raphael, I am writing to thank you for my wonderful talisman of the Seven Angels. From the time I received it my life turned around.

7* I am very pleased to be able to write and tell you that the power and energy which the Money talisman has enabled me to focus has dramatically changed our fortunes. Massive debts have been written off by greedy banks, we have managed to buy a beautiful country cottage, safe for our animals and children and I have a good job. Things are still hard but we can now see the light. I cannot thank you enough.

8* I am writing into you to thank you for sending me my Jupiter house talisman, I would like to inform you that within three days of receipt a very difficult domestic situation {and in a most uncanny fashion} suddenly sorted itself out.

9* I look forward to receiving the talismans, one is for myself and the others are presents for my family. Your Seven Angels talisman is very important to me and I thought you may want to know the reason… I practise Reiki and it was during meditation whilst receiving my 2nd degree level attunement that I first saw this amazing symbol – the meditation was meant to introduce me to my spirit guide and I was puzzled – I had never seen this writing before and describing it to my Reiki master she did not know what it read either. The symbol stayed in my mind and future meditations brought feelings of great peace. It was some time later whilst travelling with my husband that I saw the symbol again and this was on one of your leaflets in Spirit and Destiny magazine. I was so excited to see the symbol exactly as it appeared in my mind and reading your description of the talisman made everything clear, I had always felt a closeness to angels and asked them for help and guidance, so it seemed appropriate that they would guide me spiritually. I have had amazing results when asking the angels for help, one of their latest quests was to find me a house that was close to my parents, with lots of trees – a tall order in this part of the city. My new house is minutes from my parents and my back garden, though small, is bursting with energy giving shrubs and a small woodland of dense trees at the back. I always thank the angels for their assistance and I had promised to purchase and wear your talisman. I am now in a position to buy one and some for my family (thanks to the angels help in getting me my pension early). Regards

10* Dear Friends. I would like to thank you for my seven angels talisman. I am absolutely delighted with it. As soon as I put it on I felt an overwhelming feeling of love & peace. I would like to thank you all for the help that your talisman has given me.

11* I wish to tell you just how good your Chi-ro Qabalah Protective amulets are. I don’t know how often you hear of stories like this, but this is truly extreme. A year ago a shaman started a psychic warfare against me using the blackest of black magic and voodoo. Because of the way his egragoria works, his entire group of followers along with the roots without end voodoo society of Haiti along with all their servitors were also empowering his attacks. I was experiencing constant panic attacks, my heart and solar plexus chakras were being invaded by a ton of force, my dreams were being invaded, and I was dying of exhaustion and inability to breath. Nothing was making any difference. When I received and wore my first Chi-ro amulet, it was extraordinary what happened – my heart immediately felt cool and the physical pressure and anxiety abated somewhat. I really did not believe it would make any difference. After a while I noticed that while my heart was okay, my solar plexus was not, but if I wore the amulet over my solar plexus, my solar plexus would be okay, but my heart was not. So I bought a second talisman, wore one over my heart, and one over my solar plexus, and that kept the invading forces out of both. So it has been proven to me beyond all doubt that while I wear these amulets, there is now no magical or demonic force that can get through. They do try often, but it is too exhausting for them and they quickly give up. I still experience some post traumatic stress, but that is to be expected given how badly I was traumatised, and this stress is gradually healing. This also shows that while the amulets do offer some protection when you do not wear them, if a dark force is targeting a particular place in your body, the talisman is most effective when placed directly over that part of your body. It offers a physically impenetrable barrier to dark forces.

12* Last year I purchased a powerful Love Talisman from you. Actually it worked remarkably well………..

13* Dear Sir. Many thanks for the lovely talisman of the Seven Angels, its really working for me.

14* Firstly, please understand that I’m not some wishy washy new ager. Neither am I the sort to get superstitious or believe in good luck or bad luck, but have read the books of Solomon and understand what these talismans represent. I do however, believe in the power of the unseen world. However since wearing my Qabalah Good Fortune talisman ( for a week) I have won 2 competitions with a total value of over AU$1000 !!! 3 days apart!!! Honestly, this is not something that would ordinarily happen to me. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know – call it feedback if you like and you could also say that perhaps the talisman has more than paid for itself. I look forward to more wonderful blessings that my amazing talisman may attract and wish you all love, light and many blessings too. With warmest regards.

15* Dear Raphael, I received my lovely talisman of the Seven Angels at the beginning of November. So I will now tell you about the effects it has had for me. The first thing I noticed, was that I started to enjoy better health. I have been actually feeling better than ever and can now sort out my slight weight problem.

16* Dear Circle of Raphael, I would like to thank you for the safe arrival of my order. The talisman of the Seven Angels and the King Solomon Love talisman have been in my possession for about six weeks. Since receiving them I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who have noticed a change in me. I am told that I have much more self-confidence.

17* Some short while ago I purchased from you your Jupiter house talisman for both myself and some friend’s of mine and in my case it seems to have had some effect in both my work and home lives hence the thank you.

18* May I take this opportunity to not only thank you for not only an excellent Talisman, but also your very fast delivery, it is greatly appreciated. As you are aware I have purchased a few of the gold Talismans of the Seven Angels over the years. Namely for myself, my wife, my two Daughters and this current order is for my Granddaughter who will be 18 years old in two weeks time and looking to the future I will be looking to buy another gold Talisman for my Grandson when he becomes 18 years old. Your excellent work is appreciated more than is easy to express. Many Thanks from a grateful Mystic.

19* Many thanks for my goods which arrived very promptly. I am delighted with them.

20* I have neglected to send a thank-you. I received my order. They are far more beautiful pieces than I was expecting, just exquisite actually. When I opened them I could actually see and feel the magic. Uber cool. Thanks

21* Dear Raphael & Co. Just a few lines to say thank you! In Autumn I ordered your Seven Angel talisman and have not looked backed since.

22* Just a few words to let you know that the seven angel’s talisman I ordered for myself is wonderfully helpful. I wouldn’t be without it. The one ordered for a friend are also working splendidly, from all that I hear. Thank you very much for all your help, enclosed is another order and cheque.

23* I am just enclosing a brief note with my order, to let you know of some of the amazing things that have happened to me, since I received your catalogue…….

24* Thank you very much for sending me the talisman {to acquire money} its great and thanks very very

25* Thank you for your very fast delivery, I ordered my seven angels circle raphael talisman on Sunday 04/07/2010 at 17.14. and my order arrived yesterday morning 07/07/2010 at 10.00. It was excellently packaged and arrived in a lovely little box. Also in the package was a lovely booklet explaining all about how talismans work. I am currently reading through this and am finding it very interesting and helpful. My son is now interested in one of your talisman and is now thinking of purchasing one for himself, although not the same as the one that I have recently purchased. Anyway many thanks for your prompt delivery service. I am absolutely delighted with my purchase not only do I feel protected, it also is a stunning piece of jewellery. I wore it straight away yesterday morning as soon as it arrived , I went out for the day with my husband and I noticed several people looking at it. Once again many thanks. Also the free solid silver chain that was sent with it, I expected this to be short and a bit flimsy, once again I was proved wrong, I am absolutely delighted with it and its excellent quality. I will definitely be recommending your website to all my family and friends. Yours in fellowship

26* A few months ago I purchased a Talisman to attract love, { King Solomon’s Love talisman } this talisman has brought the most wonderful woman to me.

27* Dear C O Raphael, Thanks for the quick response to my previous order. Although I have only had the Qabalah Good Fortune talisman for about a week I can already feel its benefits.

28* Hello to you all. My name is R……….., i am forty three years old. I have suffered from severe anxiety and acrophobia for the past ten years. I came across your advertisement in a magazine and decided to place an order with you for the small Seven Angel Talisman. Within the first two days of receiving my order, I cannot believe how much I have changed. My panic attacks have now stopped completely and I am out and about and living my life again! Many unexplained things have happened such as heightened intuition, feeling energized to the point that I now walk Two miles a day and have taken up tai chi. I cannot really put it into words but I feel as If I’m back in the land of the living . Furthermore, I was diagnosed with type two diabetes in March, they could not get my glucose level down with medication, I was 33.2 and was very ill indeed. Now without medication, I’m between 4 and 7 which is the normal range for a diabetic. I just wanted to thank you all and your Master Adept for all your help. It is truly A Miracle! I have now ordered many more Talismans with you and The Wand of Isis and will keep ordering with you. Once again, Thank you so very much

29* I was extremely pleased to receive my Jupiter house talisman, it gave me that feeling that there was something on my side even if only spiritual ……

30* Dear Circle of Raphael, Thank you for the seven angel talisman you sent me a few months ago. It is truly amazing.

31* I’m delighted with my Jupiter house Talisman, so delicately made, thank you.

32* The talismans themselves are treasures + I will keep them with me for as long as I live.

33* Dear friends, I have been given your address by a lady who says she had a marvellous talisman from you.

34* Dear Sir, I purchased a talisman from you a few years ago, with much success.

35* I am very pleased with the two Talismans that you have previously made for me and would like to thank you for your time and skill.

36* After reading full details about your Talismans on offer – I would first like to say, my mother who I recommend to you, has had success in both her talisman, and on her behalf I would like to say ‘thank you’ for your……

37* Some months ago I ordered {and received} King Solomon’s love talisman which seems quite effective, now I need your help in another way!

38* Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you very much for the talismans you sent me a few months ago. They are wonderful, I’m fully satisfied, I want you to send me the following tali……….

39* Dear friends, I am very pleased with the Money talisman as for the short while I have had it near to me all the time my financial situation is slowly taking a turn for the better and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so very much.

40* Dear Sir or Madam. Thanks for your Jupiter house talisman, for my home, things have been a lot better, money-wise. I think you are doing a grand job, keep up your good work.

41* Dear all, I have had 2 of your talismans and they have definitely made a great difference to my life.

42* Thank you for sending me your brochure, I shall be contacting you very soon upon them, I have as you know been a researcher into the paranormal for thirty five years, a teacher of esoteric psychic wisdoms…….

43* Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for the Amulets and Talismans that you prepared for me. They are working a treat.

44* Many thanks for the wonderful talismans which arrived safely this morning, as you know I have purchased quite a lot from you. Talismans and all have been very good. I did not realise how much I’d come to rely on you and your excellent service.

45* I am writing this letter in thanks and appreciation for you past service for me. The Chi-ro Qabalah Protective amulet and the seven angels talismans work for me very well indeed…….

46* My dear friends. I received my lovely and most beautiful Qabalah Good Fortune talisman from you and have never looked back since. I have been blessed with luck on the horses also I have recently had a holiday in Bournemouth and have generally felt better in myself and also felt more secure happy and at peace. May you all continue to provide your very caring service and interesting items for many years to come.

47* Hello. The Jupiter house Talisman, which I gave to a friend, is most definitely working for him, and I’m very glad of this, as he needed some good fortune.

48* Dear Circle of Raphael. Please accept my gratitude for the seven angel talisman you recently crafted. It’s beauty and aura of benevolence over-whelmed me. Thank you once again.

49* Hi there, Thank you. I however have had, and am still having a lot of lovely and wonderful experiences I have several of your different talismans and I KNOW they are all working for me! Every day I feel so blessed and grateful for all the wonderful, positive experiences I am having. Once again I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your fellowship for creating these wonderful talismans for the good of all. May you all be continually blessed with the positive powers of the cosmos. Much love and Light

50* Greetings, I have just purchased of Good Fortune Talisman. Please I really appreciate your TALISMANS they are GOOD. I must also tell you that my life has really changed, in terms of good luck, financial well beings, promotion in office , and a lot more. please thank you for given this to the world. YOURS IN FRIENDSHIP & LIGHT

51* Thank you for the beautiful and exquisite talismans that were received little over a week ago. I have put them onto a bracelet that I made myself (especially for them) which I have been wearing since late last week.

52* You deserve a special thank you for your service to humanity, and you should live in the knowledge that your service is doing great things in the world.

53* Good Morning, I wanted to let you know that i received my beautiful seven angels talisman. I feel so blessed and happy as soon as i put it on i received my first blessing i can’t believe it . I know that it says that it takes one to six weeks but as soon as i put it on i felt as if a great presence is with me. I will continue purchasing. Many Blessings.

54* Hi there, I have had, and am still having a lot of lovely and wonderful experiences I have several different talismans and i KNOW they are all working for me! Every day I feel so blessed and grateful for all the wonderful, positive experiences I am having, even the smallest gestures are significant to me. I was like this before the talismans but I would have bad days like everyone else and I would eventually bounce back, but the inner joy, love, understanding is more constant now, there has been a greater shift that is growing exponentially! Once again I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your fellowship for creating these wonderful talismans for the good of all. May you all be continually blessed with the positive powers of the cosmos. Much love and Light

55* Hi, I have neglected to send a thank-you. I received my order. They are far more beautiful pieces than I was expecting, just exquisite actually. When I opened them I could actually see and feel the magic. Cool

56* Good Day Circle of Raphael, I wanted to let you know that I received all three of the Talismans that I ordered today in beautiful condition and they are awesome. Also I wanted to let you know that I can feel an electricity coming from them as well. This is how I know that they are real. I cannot wait to see the positive results that they bring into my family’s life. I will cherish them always and will keep you informed. In the light and in the universal love of our creation.

57* Good Morning, I wanted to let you know that I received my beautiful seven angels talisman. I feel so blessed and happy as soon as I put it on I received my first blessing I can’t believe it . I know that it says that it takes one to six weeks but as soon as I put it on i felt as if a great presence is with me. I will continue purchasing.