The Good Luck Virus and How to Catch it

We all experience various levels of good and negative fortune throughout our lives. This is a natural consequence of life. However, it is not a natural consequence of life to continually experience excessive and continual bad luck and misfortune. When negative forces begin to impact on one’s life, steps need to be taken to neutralise and repel the condition in a similar way as one would take steps to cure excessive and continual ill health. The fact of the matter is that we all catch good luck and bad luck at some time in our life, just as we catch colds and flu. Good and bad luck are a mixture of a spiritual and a physical condition that can have life changing consequences for a person’s well-being and their enjoyment of life. The possession of any sacred item such as a Angelic talisman will produce a spiritual inoculation that will both repel and greatly reduce the effects of bad luck, in a similar way as an physical inoculation reduces the effects of chronic flu to that of a very minor cold.

Years of scrupulous research and investigation of sacred manuscripts have enabled the Adept of the Circle of Raphael to become the foremost Western expert in the creation of genuine life enhancing Angelic talismans. Each talisman is directly linked to the creative Angelic language of the Cosmos, and embedded into the metal of each are the holy names of Angels and sacred celestial words of power. Our powerful Angelic talismans are created to aid the quick removal of all obstacles both physically and spiritually blocking their owner from achieving their full potential.

Many people are a little sceptical at the possibility of attracting Angelic good luck into their life through the aid of powerful talismans, saying they simply cannot understand how any item such as a metal talisman could possibly create a wave of luck and good fortune in a person’s life, while at the same time conceding that they do believe that negative forces have at times caused clouds of misfortune to descend on their life. If we understand that there are powerful negative forces that can create bad luck and misfortune in one’s life, then it seems only logical that there must also be a powerful counter balance of Angelic forces that can create good luck, and repel misfortune from one’s life.

Sooner or later we all become aware that there is some outside factor at work in our daily lives. There is no such thing as a coincidence or chance. Good and bad luck are very real creative forces. If you wish to attract the creative forces of good fortune into your life consider the benefits of acquiring a true life enhancing Angelic talisman.

The ability to attract and catch the Good Fortune Virus is still the most important factor in determining the successful and happy outcome of a person’s life.

All our Circle of Raphael talismans are imbued with a unique spiritual energy with the ability to attract a flow of life-changing Angelic blessings to their owners. We recommend the following King  Solomon double sided Angelic Good Fortune talisman for anyone wishing to attract a flow of the Angelic good fortune and blessings into their life.

King Solomon’s special double sided Angelic good fortune talisman. We recommend this lucky talisman for anyone wishing to attract a flow of the Angelic good fortune and blessings into their life. This one talisman is in fact two of King Solomon’s most successful good fortune talismans combined into one powerful luck creating talisman. Its holy script is written in the celestial Angelic language of creation, and calls on the Angels of the light to befriend its owner and bless their life with the Angelic gift of Good Fortune and Prosperity and Real Happiness.