Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I receive my talisman do I need to do anything to active or empower it?

A: No. Our Master Adept creates and traditionally empowers each and everyone one of our talismans before despatch. There is nothing whatsoever for you to do when you receive your life enhancing talisman apart from enjoying its many Angelic blessing and benefits.

Q: Are there any negative effects associated with using talismans?

A: On our talismans are special ancient holy prayers requesting that the Angels named bestow their friendship and blessing on the talisman’s owner to help them enjoy the many gifts and happiness that life has to offer, and when needed, be sheltered from harm and misfortune. Angels were created to help humankind, so by wearing or carrying any holy Angelic talisman you are helping the Angels to fulfil their purpose. By doing so you bring pleasure and joy to the Angels named on the talisman. The Master Adept of the Circle of Raphael only ever works through the celestial light and only creates pure and holy Angelic talismans.

Q:  Will cleaning my talisman affect its power?

A: The Angelic power of each talisman is contained within the talisman’s Angelic script and not in the metal itself, so cleaning or polishing will not affect its celestial power in any way. However, all silver items will, by nature, start to tarnish/darken in time through contact with the air and the wearer’s skin. We recommend that you clean your silver talismans with a good quality silver polish or a special silver polishing cloth, as and when required. For very tarnished talismans we recommend Goddard’s silver dip.

Q: How long before I see positive results from my talisman?

A: Most of our customers report experiencing positive and visible results within one to six weeks after receiving their talisman. The speed at which one sees talismanic results and experiences  Angelic blessings will in many cases depend on the circumstances surrounding the owner of a particular talisman. For example, it will take a little longer for the Angelic power of a money talisman to help someone suffering from severe poverty than say someone who is earning a good salary but still does not have enough money to fully enjoy all the good things in life. The money talisman’s sole aim is to help create opportunities to enable its owner to become financially stable and better off money-wise. The better off one is to start with, the easier it will be for the money talisman to do its job. However, in the long run the results will be much the same, for everyone will in the end become better off financially through the ownership of our money talisman. This talismanic principle applies to all our talismans. Talismans help create opportunities for their owners that they would not otherwise have received and also helps guide them to take the best course of action in any given situation. However, it is up to the talisman’s owner to respond and take advantage of each opportunity offered.

Q: Can I swap or exchange a talisman that I have purchased?

A: No. We never swap or exchange talismans under any circumstances, as any returned item could not possibly be re-sold to our valued customers. Ask yourself this, would you really wish to receive a returned talisman in exchange for the one you want to swap? Any returned items are melted down to ensure that they can never be re-used and the silver metal is then sold as scrap.  

Q:  Can I wear or carry all my talismans at the same time?

A: Yes. All our holy Angelic talismans complement each other perfectly and as such, they may all be worn or carried on your person at the same time. You can even wear other talismans or holy items such as a Cross, Buddha or Hand of Fatima etc. at the same time. There is also no need to wear your talisman 24/7. Just owning the talisman will bring you all of its associated benefits and blessings, even if you leave it permanently in a private place in your home.

Q: Which talisman is best suited to my particular needs?

A: Customers should be guided by their own intuition as to which talisman is best suited to their own individual needs. If you feel continually drawn to a particular talisman you should follow the guidance of your own inner voice and order it. With our unique 60 day money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

Q:  Why do you not have a phone number so I can order over the phone?

A: As a small esoteric talisman service we have neither the people nor the resources to run a permanent phone service, sorry. Also, our card service agreement only allows us to take payments online through a secure server where we never get to see the customer’s full card number. 

Q: If another person should touch my talisman will this affect its power in any way?

A: No. All our holy talismans are created in such a way that they will never lose any of their Angelic power. You can even let someone handle it and it will not affect its power in any way.

Q: Can I have a bath or swim while wearing my talisman?

A: Yes. Neither water nor anything else will affect the power of your talisman. The only way for a talisman to lose any of its power is for it to be melted down and the Angelic script removed.

Q: I do not have a great deal of money to spare, so which talisman would you suggest to bring me some good fortune and generally enhance and improve my life path on the whole, such as my financial situation, my job prospects, my love life, my inner happiness etc?

A: All our talismans are created to bring their owners a host of benefits and blessings as well as fulfilling their original purpose i.e. the money talisman will first and foremost attract financial blessings to its owner and at the same time may also help to create opportunities for its owner to improve their overall position in life. The Chi-ro protective amulet will first and foremost protect its owner from danger and misfortune and in doing so it may also help improve its owners overall general well-being. The same principle applies to all our talismans and amulets. If we were asked to recommend just one talisman that would bring its owner at least some of the blessings and benefits associated with all our other talismans, we would have to recommend our unique talisman of the Seven Archangels {page 4} as it is the main talisman favoured and worn by all the members of our esoteric circle and their loved ones.

Q: I have the Seven Archangels talisman. Do I need more talismans or is this all I need?

A: Ownership of the talisman of the Seven Archangels will attract some of the Angelic blessings and benefits associated with all our other talismans. So there is no real need for you to order any another talisman unless you require a talisman which has been specially designed to concentrate all its creative Angelic power on one particular problem or aspiration. For example, if you have a financial problem you will find the Money talisman highly beneficial as it has been designed with just one aim – to create opportunities to help banish all financial worries. If you have a love problem, the Love talisman will prove highly successful. If you are in need of extra powerful Divine protection then you should try the awesome protective power of our Chi-ro protective Amulet. This principle applies to all our talismans as they are each designed to generate a particular blessing in the life of their owner.

Q: Why do you use two spellings; Cabbala and Qabalah? Do they not mean the same thing?

A: Well, yes and no. The spelling Cabbala or Kabbala refers to a spiritual path and a philosophy for getting the most out of one’s life. The word Qabalah on the other hand refers to an ancient Angelic formula that uses the creative spiritual energy of the Cosmos for the benefit of humanity. This ancient and highly successful formula is the living essence of all our Angelic talismans.

Q: What happens if I should lose my talisman? Will I stop receiving its Angelic blessings?

A: If you should ever lose your talisman, you can simply order another one, and then you will continue to receive Angelic friendship, blessings, protection, and guidance.

Q: Why do you Hallmark your talisman?

A: The Circle of Raphael are genuine traditional talisman creators. However, we are obliged under UK law to have all our sterling silver and solid gold talismans assayed and hallmarked by the British assay office. This is to ensure they conform to UK precious metal purity rules. All our talismans are traditionally empowered before despatch for the full benefit and well-being of their new owners by our highly experienced Master talisman creator.