What Are Talismans?

What Are talismans?

A true magical talisman can be said to resemble a self-recharging spiritual battery. At the time of preparation by a true Adept, a potent combination of beneficial spiritual and planetary influences endows it with a specific type of creative energy. The exact nature of the creative spiritual energy will depend on which benefits and physical blessings the Adept creating the talisman wishers the talisman to bestow upon its owner. Once the spiritual energy has been acquired, the talisman will proceed to continually attract a flow of similar beneficial spiritual energy onto itself. A true talisman will never need recharging and it will continue to help bless and enhance the life of its owner for as long as they live. A genuine talisman always works in a positive way, attracting the creative energy’s necessary to generate the opportunities and blessings the owner of the talisman desired when they acquired that talisman.

Circle of Raphael talismans are genuine procurers of Angelic help, good-fortune and friendship. Our talismans attract the Angelic blessings necessary to create whatever effect or benefits its owner may desire or need to help make their life a happy, positive and spiritually enhancing experience. As the owner of one or more of our talismans, positive and highly creative Angelic energy will transfer itself from the talisman to your life path to help create positive influences in every aspect of your daily life.

The celestial energies contained within the Angelic script, and powerful supercharged Angelic prayers imbedded into the talismans cause them to become extremely lucky Angelic pendants.  Simply by coming into physical contact with any of our powerful talismanic pendants, will cause highly positive celestial energy to transfer from the talisman and cause a wave of Angelic luck and good-fortune to manifest in the life path of the talisman’s owner. Best off all the powerful Angelic script and sacred Angelic words of power imbedded into the silver metal continually draw new celestial Angelic energy onto themselves, causing the talisman to become more potent and effective the longer you own it.

We all experience various levels of good luck and bad luck throughout our lives. This is a natural consequence of life. However, it is not a natural consequence of life to continually experience excessive and continual bad luck and misfortune. When negative forces begin to impact on one’s life, steps need to be taken to neutralise and repel the condition in a similar way as one would take steps to cure excessive and continual ill health. The fact of the matter is that we all catch good luck and bad luck at some time in our life, just as we catch colds and flu. Good and bad luck are a mixture of a spiritual and a physical condition that can have life changing consequences for a person’s well-being and their enjoyment of life. The possession of any sacred item such as an Angelic talisman will produce a spiritual inoculation that will both repel and greatly reduce the effects of bad luck, in a similar way as a physical inoculation reduces the effects of chronic flu to that of a very minor cold. Our talismans are genuine life enhancing items which have been created by our Adept to act as an Angelic spiritual suit of armour for the wellbeing, good fortune and protection of their owners.

Are there any negative effects associated with using talismans? The answer to this question is a clear NO. Our talismans are special ancient holy prayers requesting that the Angels named bestow their friendship and blessing on the talisman’s owner to help them enjoy the many gifts and happiness that life has to offer, and when needed, be sheltered from harm and misfortune. Angels were created to help humankind, so by wearing or carrying any holy Angelic talisman you are helping the Angels to fulfil their purpose. By doing so you bring pleasure and joy to the Angels named on the talisman. The Master Adept of the Circle of Raphael only ever works through the celestial light and only creates pure and holy Angelic talismans.