The First Wisestone you chose was – The Sun King

The Second Wisestone you chose was – The Wheel of Life

The hidden influence in your reading is – The Water of Mystery

This reading is personal to you and is created by the two Wisestones selected, in the exact order they were chosen by your higher self. It offers a spiritual insight into your recent past and present circumstances and also spiritual guidance to help open your mind to future possibilities and opportunities.

Home and Family Life: The masculine Sun King combines with restless Wheel of Life and the impulsive and sexy Water of Mystery, the hidden influence in this reading, to reveal that your home life is about to be turned on its head. You are about to enter an interesting period of excitement and mayhem that will take around eight months to reach a final conclusion. The Water of Mystery forecasts that, due to your impulsive nature, you may be about to get involved in a project that will inject excitement into a partnership and set you on an adventure that will last up to eight months and change your surroundings. This, in turn, will create just enough stress to keep you on your toes!

Love, Sex and Relationships: The masculine Sun King combines with the sexy Water of Mystery to forecast good times ahead relationship-wise. The only ‘fly in the ointment could turn out to be your overly impulsive nature. The Sun King reveals that even though you have a highly developed intuition and most of the time your instincts are correct, you should understand that your partner also has the occasional good idea, even if it may seem a little too conservative for your liking! You are advised to take heed of the old saying that two heads are better than one, even if they are only sheep’s heads. The restless Wheel of Life forecasts that your love life is entering a period of change that may last up to eight months, and points out that important decisions and actions regarding your future happiness may need to be taken within the next four weeks. You are advised that your home life is likely to be in upheaval for at least another four months. However, the progressive Sun King forecasts that the sacrifices and stress over the next few months will, in the end, prove worthwhile. The choices and decisions that you make in the coming four weeks will eventually help to bring about a more relaxed and pleasurable home and love life for you and a loved one.

Work, Career and Money: The materialistic Sun King combines with the restless Wheel of Life and the impulsive Water of Mystery to forecast that an unexpected career proposal could offer you the opportunity to show your hidden skills with children. The Sun King points to a continuing cycle of improving living standards and higher earnings over the next fifteen months. The Water of Mystery and the Wheel of Life combine to indicate that you should expect a much higher degree of work-related travel in the coming months connected to three people.    

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