The First Wisestone you chose was – The Sun King

The Second Wisestone you chose was – The Star of Destiny

The hidden influence in your reading is – The Sun King

This reading is personal to you and is created by the two Wisestones selected, in the exact order they were chosen by your higher self. It offers a spiritual insight into your recent past and present circumstances and also spiritual guidance to help open your mind to future possibilities and opportunities.

Home and Family Life: The progressive Sun King combines with the lucky Star of Destiny to reveal that your life path has just entered a fortuitous and enjoyable period. The auspicious Star of Destiny forecasts that you will have good reason to celebrate the successful outcome of a dream regarding a home within the next four months. However, the Sun King, the hidden influence in this reading, indicates that it may take up to nine months before all your plans are fulfilled. You are advised that if you act with confidence and have faith in your dreams after a short delay everything will start

to proceed much faster and the final result will turn out to be far better than you had hoped.

Love, Sex and Relationships: The conventional Sun King combines with the auspicious Star of Destiny to reveal that your love life is about to enter a happy and secure period. The next four months will see you and a partner making plans for your future home and life together. The only negative is that you may have to put your plans on hold for up to four months longer than hoped. However, the Star of Destiny forecasts that although you may feel isolated for a time, in the end, a wish regarding a relationship and home is likely to be fulfilled unexpectedly.

Work, Career and Money: The materialistic Sun King combines with the lucky Star of Destiny to reveal that you may have recently received an opportunity to increase your income. If this is not the case, then you are likely to do so within the next four weeks. The Sun King forecasts that you will not face any significant money worries in the coming nine months. However, you are warned that even though your financial situation will improve and will remain reasonably stable, the coming nine months will prove to be a very expensive time for you. Property expenditure will be high on your list.  

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