The First Wisestone you chose was – The Skull of Transformation 

The Second Wisestone you chose was – The Star of Destiny

The hidden influence in your reading is – The Mask of Fate

This reading is personal to you and is created by the two Wisestones selected, in the exact order they were chosen by your higher self. It offers a spiritual insight into your recent past and present circumstances and also spiritual guidance to help open your mind to future possibilities and opportunities.

Home and Family Life: The dramatic Skull of Transformation combines with the highly auspicious Star of Destiny and the unpredictable Mask of Fate, the all-important hidden influence in this reading, to reveal that your life path has just entered one of its most significant and crucial turning points so far. One chapter of your life is now at an end, with no possibility of going back, and a totally new and lucky chapter has just begun. In effect one door has closed forever and, as a consequence, a new door to a less stressful and more secure lifestyle has just opened. The Mask of Fate forecasts that you will soon receive an opportunity from fate to achieve that which once seemed impossible and out of your reach. You are advised that if you act with confidence and engage your brain before you engage your mouth, your plans for a total change of direction will succeed beyond all expectations. Over the coming months, you may feel like a child in a completely alien environment. However, if you keep your head and show courage the next nine months will prove to be a very exciting and happy time in your life, leading to a very different and totally unexpected lifestyle change.

Love, Sex and Relationships: The life-altering Skull of Transformation combines with the lucky Star of Destiny and the creative Mask of Fate to reveal that your domestic situation is now moving through the process of final endings and brand new beginnings. The Skull of Transformation indicates that the ending of a stressful situation will help remove a barrier to a fairytale relationship, and forecasts that you will soon experience a total rebirth of your love life, which will completely alter your expectations and outlook on life. The Mask of Fate indicates that you have either started planning a change of home to a distant location, or you are likely to do so very soon. In fact, the changes forecast for the next ten months are so extreme that they could involve a move to a foreign country, or alternatively, a foreign country may play a major part in your future love life. The Star of Destiny reveals that relationship-wise a most exciting and happy period is now in sight.

Work, Career and Money: The Skull of Transformation combines with the Star of Destiny and the Mask of Fate to reveal that as far as your livelihood and financial situations are concerned, something very major is now on the horizon. The Mask of Fate indicates that an unexpected turn of events in the very near future will help create an opportunity for you to fall back on a so-far unused skill, and completely change the course of your economic condition. The Star of Destiny forecasts that a creative project combined with a financial gamble will pay off after a short delay. However, the final result may prove to be a surprise and a real eye-opener to all concerned.     

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