The First Wisestone you chose was – The Serpent of Wisdom

The Second Wisestone you chose was – The Mask of Fate

The hidden influence in your reading is – Wheel of Life

This reading is personal to you and is created by the two Wisestones selected, in the exact order they were chosen by your higher self. It offers a spiritual insight into your recent past and present circumstances and also spiritual guidance to help open your mind to future possibilities and opportunities. 

Home and Family Life: The life-renewing influence of the Serpent of Wisdom combines with the unpredictable Mask of Fate and the restless and impulsive Wheel of Life, the hidden influence in this reading, to reveal that you are in the process of changing track and beginning a new and fast-moving chapter in your life. The Serpent of Wisdom forecasts that over the next seven months you will see your home and personal life turned on its head and your impulsive nature will have you running in circles trying to keep everything under control. However, the Mask of Fate indicates that you need not worry, for even though you will come up against unexpected obstacles that may seem disconcerting at first, you will overcome them all. The Wheel of Life forecasts that in an effort to get plans regarding a home back on track, you will soon embark on what will turn out to be a pleasant and interesting journey. The Mask of Fate advises that in due course you will come to understand that a short period of turmoil and stress was the necessary price you had to pay for the sake of your future happiness.

Love, Sex and Relationships: The courageous Serpent of Wisdom combines with the benign influence of the Mask of Fate and the restless Wheel of Life to reveal that your love life has entered a new and dramatic phase. It predicts that an obstacle to your happiness will soon be consigned to the past where it belongs. The Wheel of Life forecasts that the next eight weeks will see the beginning of a new and highly-charged phase in your love life. You are advised that the groundwork you have already done will soon begin to bear fruit. The benign Mask of Fate indicates that your willingness to make sacrifices and start afresh will prove worthwhile and may, in fact, be the catalyst that will open up an exciting and happy phase of your love life. The Serpent of Wisdom advises that problems and tensions connected with children or educational matters may drag on longer than you would like.

Work, Career and Money: The courageous Serpent of Wisdom combines with the adventurous Wheel of Life to reveal that a chance career opportunity will soon present itself.  It you act on it, your career will change trajectory to something that will likely be  fast-moving and possibly connected with travel. The unpredictable Mask of Fate combines with the impulsive and lucky Wheel of Life to forecast that you are heading for a financial windfall due to an impulsive gamble. The Serpent of Wisdom advises that you have the experience and the knowledge right now to achieve your goal – the only thing stopping you is you. If you are happy with your reading. We ask that you please give us a Facebook LIKE. You can also Facebook share the link with your friends so they can also have a free reading. Thank you.

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