FRONT. Powerful Double Sided Home Protector. Size 40 mm wide {approx 1 ½ inches}
BACK. Powerful Double Sided Home Protector. Size 40 mm wide {approx 1 ½ inches}


The Qabalah Jupiter House Talisman

A Unique Angelic Home Protector

Its possession instantaneously bathes the entire home in an aura of Angelic healing and highly protective planetary energy.

Traditionally handcrafted in Solid Copper and supplied in a quality presentation box.
Only £38.95

Placed inside your home or business, above or near the main door it will instantaneously attract a flow of positive Celestial energy and good fortune that will benefit every person in the home. The entire home becomes immersed in an aura of Angelic healing and highly protective planetary energy. All those within, will soon experience the blessings of  Angelic peace, harmony and protection.

Under celestial law, when a negative is cast out it must be replaced by it’s opposite. In this case, the Angelic power of the Jupiter House talisman will cast out all negative energy, misfortune and bad luck, and replace it instead with positive energy, good fortune and good luck.

Despatched fully empowered by our Adept talisman master. Ready to start attracting positive life enhancing energy, and Angelic protection and blessings into your home.

The origins of this potent ancient house protector can be traced back to the Holy Land {Palestine} in the early 1st millennium B.C. – this period in history is today referred to by Mystics as the Time of Miracles. The ancients said that anyone lucky enough to live in a home blessed by a Jupiter House talisman could not fail to prosper in life, for they had the personal assurance from the Seven Archangels named on the talisman that anyone residing in a home protected by their special House talisman would achieve all their dreams and ambitions with ease. They were also assured of Angelic protection from Thieves, Fire, Aggression and Hostility. 

Regarded as the most protective Angelic House talisman of all time.

As well as having the power to attract the benign influence of Jupiter, the planet of Good Fortune and Earthly Pleasure, this special house protector is also imbued on the Front with the highly protective celestial energy of the 6 ancient planets {Mars was not included due to its volatile nature} and on the Back with the divine essence of the seven holy Archangels. Placed above the inside main door of a home it is known to have the Celestial power to instantaneously bathe the entire home in an aura of Angelic healing and highly protective planetary energy. The whole home and all those within, will experience the blessings  with Angelic peace, harmony and protection.

Home insurance can only go so far and it only works after the event, but what about divine cosmic insurance with the power to repel and block all negative and disruptive energies? Our Qabalah Jupiter House talisman is guaranteed to do just that and is highly  recommended by the Master Adept of the Circle of Raphael as a “must have” item for any home. The protective power of this potent house talisman will, in fact, grow stronger and become more beneficial over time. If you decide to move home, you can take your talisman and its protective good fortune with you.

Created and empowered by our Master Adept using the original 3,000 year old Qabalah magical formula.

The front of the talisman contains the highly potent magical seals of the six  ancient planets, plus the miraculous personal Cosmic signature of each of the Seven holy Angels. This is one of the most effective and exceptionally powerful planetary and beneficial Angelic combinations known. The  Master Adept of the Circle of Raphael is one of the few people in the world today with the necessary knowledge, skill and personal commitment to create and empower this potent Celestial home protector.

The back of the talisman contains the celestial magical square of Jupiter written in the divine Cabbala language of the Cosmos. This is a magic square of four containing the numbers 1 to 16. Each vertical, horizontal and diagonal column adds up to 34. 3+4 equals the magical and mysterious number seven, the Cosmic number of Jupiter, the planet of Good Fortune and Earthly Pleasure. Surrounding the magical square of Jupiter is the Cabbalistic symbols of the Angelic beings of light known to the ancients as the Seven Holy Archangels. These divine symbols call on the seven Archangels to, help bathe the whole home in a aura of angelic peace and offer the gifts of  Angelic protection, well-being and security to all those residing within.

Client Feedback. Circle of Raphael members as well as a large number of our customers who have their own businesses have reported that they started experiencing unusually high volumes of trade shortly after placing the Jupiter House talisman above the main door of their businesses. This should not be thought of as unusual, as any item imbued with such awesome positive and protective power will, by nature, aim to protect its owner and their livelihood by creating positive influences that will in turn help to greatly improve their financial status. The Jupiter house talisman attracts a similar flow of Angelic blessings into your home as our talisman of the Seven Archangels attracts into your personal life.

How to use: Place your Jupiter House talisman inside your home above or near the main door. With back placed against the wall and the front on show. The FRONT of the House talisman is the side with the Star of David and the BACK is the side with the magical square of Jupiter.

Owners of our talismans can only ever experience highly positive blessings and benefits through their ownership of one or more of our life enhancing angelic talismans.

The master Adept of the Circle of Raphael only ever works through the celestial light and only creates pure and holy Angelic talismans. It is totally impossible for any of our talismans to act in any negative way.

Angels were created to help humankind, so by wearing or carrying any of our Angelic talismans you are directly helping the Angels to fulfil their purpose. By doing so you bring pleasure and joy to the Angels named on each talisman. In return each angel will then happily bestow their friendship, blessings and gifts on the talisman’s owner.