The First Wisestone you chose was – The Mask of Fate

The Second Wisestone you chose was –The Wheel of Life

The hidden influence in your reading is – The Star of Destiny

This reading is personal to you and is created by the two Wisestones selected, in the exact order they were chosen by your higher self. It offers a spiritual insight into your recent past and present circumstances and also spiritual guidance to help open your mind to future possibilities and opportunities.

Home and Family Life: The lucky and unpredictable Mask of Fate combines with the hectic and life altering Wheel of Life to forecast that this is just the beginning of a new and fast-moving chapter in your life. You will be asked to take risks and must be prepared to start afresh if you really wish to make a dream a reality. The hidden influence of the Star of Destiny points to a bright future and better times ahead. The Mask of Fate speaks of new beginnings, and the Wheel of Life forecasts an unexpected change of direction and the cutting of ties with the past. The hidden influence of the Star of Destiny indicates that you will need to show courage and be willing to enter unfamiliar territory if you want to rebuild your life and remove obstacles from the past that are holding you back from starting anew. You can expect the coming months to be a period of great change when you may feel very insecure and worried about your future. A number of unexpected upheavals will have you running in circles and going in all directions at once with no permanent roots or stability. Take heart, for the Star of Destiny, the hidden influence in this reading forecasts that after a short period of turmoil with events being turned on their head, the major obstacles to your future plans and happiness will start to vanish. You will then enter a happy time when you will be glad that you stuck to your guns and followed your dream. All endings are but chances for new beginnings and opportunities to rebuild and start afresh.

Love, Sex and Relationships: The Mask of Fate forecasts a new beginning relationship-wise. The Wheel of Life indicates upheaval and pastures new. The hidden influence of the Star of Destiny reveals that major changes will spin out of your control for a while. However, the end result will open up your love life and free you from past restrictions and boredom.

Work, Career and Money: The Mask of Fate forecasts major and unexpected changes to your career and monetary situation. The Wheel of Life combines with the hidden influence of the Star of Destiny, indicating that better times are just around the corner. You are advised that if you are willing to show courage and act on even a few of the opportunities that will come your way in the months ahead, your career and financial prospects will be transformed. Your reward for risking a major change of direction will be greater control over your own future. 

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