The First Wisestone you chose was – The Mask of Fate

The Second Wisestone you chose was – The Serpent of Wisdom

The hidden influence in your reading is – The Wheel of Life

This reading is personal to you and is created by the two Wisestones selected, in the exact order they were chosen by your higher self. It offers a spiritual insight into your recent past and present circumstances and also spiritual guidance to help open your mind to future possibilities and opportunities. 

Home and Family Life: Here the unpredictable and lucky Mask of Fate combines with the fearless and action-packed Serpent of Wisdom and the dramatic and ever-changing hidden influence of the Wheel of Life to show that your Karma life path is heading for a period of major change, upheaval and excitement. This benign combination of wisestones forecasts that within the next twelve months everything of consequence in your life will have transformed beyond recognition, including your home, career and love life. However, the Mask of Fate, the all-important major influence in this reading, advises you to expect an outcome that will prove to be totally surprising to all involved. The Wheel of Life, the hidden influence in this reading, reveals that you can now look forward to a fast-moving and changeable period, which will result in you reaching the most significant milestone in your life. The next couple of years will prove to be a very exciting era that you will look back on in later life with great affection.

Love, Sex and Relationships:  The changeable and highly impulsive Mask of Fate combines with the life-renewing energies of the Serpent of Wisdom to forecast that, as far as your love life is concerned, a new and fast-moving chapter is about to begin. The hidden influence of the Wheel of Life forecasts a major move and possibly long-distance travel that will have very important implications for your love life. The coming months will prove to be a very lucky period for all concerned, even though it may not seem so at the time, as with so many other major changes going on, you will find it hard to give your love life the full attention you would like.

Work, Career and Money:  The Mask of Fate forecasts up and coming opportunities for a career change and promotion, but only if you are willing to take a risk. The Serpent of Wisdom combines with the hidden influence of the Wheel of Life to advise that if you stand up for what you believe in and are willing to travel more, you can achieve a dream and leap up the economic and career ladders in one move. Moving on, starting afresh and casting off the old you are the focal point of this wisestone reading. Travel is likely to be connected with how you will be earning your living in the near future.

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