Lucky Celtic Wishmaker Magical Salmon Charm

Celtic Irish Good Fortune in the palm of your hand

Wear to receive the gifts of Wisdom and Enlightenment

Individually handcrafted in stunning pure British solid sterling silver.

Charm Size 22mm x 15mm

Only £34.95. 

Supplied with a FREE 20 inch solid sterling silver chain worth £15.95 in a quality presentation box.

Please Note: We only have 11 of these limited edition lucky Celtic Wishmaker magical Salmon Charms left.

Lucky Irish Celtic Wishmaker Magical Salmon Charm.

Wear to receive the gifts of Wisdom and Enlightenment.

The magical Celtic salmon was considered the world’s oldest animal, with the power to bestow wisdom and enlightenment on any who partook of its flesh. This ancient Celtic charm represents not the common everyday salmon, but the Celtic celestial salmon that swims in the solar sea of knowledge and wisdom and at times resides in Earthly form in the Well of Wisdom at the source of all things, which in Celtic Irish tradition is the source of the river Boyne.

The Celts associated the wearing of the magical salmon of wisdom charm with the Irish hero Cú Chulainn and his quest for true knowledge. It was said that the wearing of this magical Celtic charm helps to power up its owners’ memory potential and enable them to absorb knowledge and wisdom with little effort. The Celts believed that owners of this ancient celestial salmon charm would receive the gift of enlightenment. This is a great gift idea for students and teachers or anyone planning to change career paths.

What are Lucky Celtic Irish Wishmaker Charms?

The ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland venerated and honoured certain animals they regarded as ‘power animals’ and messengers of Mother Earth. They held that certain animals such as the Boar, Salmon, Horse and Hare were power animals possessing the distinctive spiritual essence of the mother of life known as Gaia. This spiritual power enables them to easily bridge the gap between this world and the otherworld.

Like other Nature Spirits, power animals contain the magical spiritual essence of the Gaia herself. The Celts held that power animals exist in spirit form in the otherworld, and sometimes visit us in this world to allow us to utilise their special powers. Power animals are how Gaia interacts with us, to teach us, guide us, provide inspiration, and provide us with her spiritual energy when necessary. The wearing of a power animal charm such as our Celtic Wishmakers can help you connect and interact on a spiritual level with our living planet and the mother of life herself (Gaia). The Celts believed that when anyone connects with the living essence of our Mother Earth they will have their dreams and wishes fulfilled.

Charms gain their ability to attract luck and good fortune by the creative belief of people over hundreds and even thousands of years. When a certain group of people such as the Celts come to associate a particular animal or totem symbol with the firm belief that it is lucky in some way, that belief is transmitted by the minds of thousands and even millions of people to the living creative universe. The universe acts on the message and over time begins to imbue the charm with the luck and benefits that the Celts believed to be associated with it. The longer the charm has been in use the more powerful and beneficial it will become. Celtic power animal charms have been in use for over 3000 years.

The Celts wrote of a time when the boundaries between humans and animals were few or non-existent. Our exclusive Celtic Wishmaker Charms seek to reconnect the wearer with that magical time.

Our Celtic Wishmaker charms are totally exclusive to the Circle of Raphael and are unattainable anywhere else in the world.