Our FREE talisman give away

A limited edition Second Seal Of Agrippa Talisman

enhanced with a layer of pure 22 Carat Gold.

Enclosed FREE with ALL orders of £55 or over. NOT including the value of the postage & packing

Simply place any order worth £55 or over, and you will receive FREE with your order this stunning Second Seal of Agrippa talisman enhanced with a layer of real 22 Carat Gold, plus matching chain. Please Note: The free talisman will not show in your basket while you are placing your order. However it is automatically enclosed free with every order of £55 or more.

The Master Adept of the Circle of Raphael regards this very special sacred seal talisman as highly beneficial for anyone interested in the investigation and development of their psychic  ability. This is made all the more powerful and beneficial by being empowered at the time of the Summer Solstice. Carried on one’s person, it helps to heighten and multiply its owner’s natural powers of intuition and also enhances and promotes the development of their psychic ability. Its past owners included famous Mystics such as Nostradamus, Dr Dee and Eliphas Levi. Intuition is our most valuable asset and anyone using it to the full will reap rewards that will seem to the uninitiated to be nothing less than miraculous. Our Adept highly recommends the Second Seal of Agrippa for anyone in need of an edge in the game of life. Due to its ability to heighten one’s natural intuition and psychic powers, its owners are said to exert a mysterious influence over others.

This special talisman is at present selling on our website at £39.95.
This month we offer it FREE with all orders of £55 or over, not including postage.

Terms and Conditions:
1: Only ONE free talisman plus matching chain will be sent with each complete order of £55 or over. However if you place another separate order of £55 or over, even if you do so right after your first order, you will receive another free Second Seal of Agrippa talisman plus matching gold chain with that order also. There is no limit to the number of FREE talismans you can claim, so long as each separate order comes to £55 or over.

2: Please note: We do not offer any alternative whatsoever to this free gift offer. You cannot swap it for a different talisman. If you do not want the free Second Seal of Agrippa talisman that is OK. However you will not receive anything else in exchange or receive a discount, so please do not ask, thank you.

3: Only complete orders of £55 or over will receive the free gift. You cannot back date or add together two separate orders placed at different times to claim the free gift.

4: Very Important: If you decide to claim a refund on either all or part of your order you must return the gifts you received as part of your order, otherwise their stated value will be deducted from any refund.