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The Circle of Raphael

Guardians of the Light and Practitioners in the Ancient Wisdom’s.

Welcome to the talismanic services of the world renowned Circle of Raphael family, for over 40 years the recognised masters in the traditional creation of the most highly successful life-enhancing Angelic talismans in the world today. All our talismans are supplied by our Master Adept fully empowered and activated. There is nothing whatsoever for you to do on receipt of your talisman. Please Note: there is no need to even wear your talisman.  Simply owning one of our powerful Angelic talismans will instantly attract the talismans associated life-enhancing Angelic benefits and blessings into your life.

Our talismans are traditionally created and empowered to enhance the life path of the talisman’s owner by creating positive harmony and good fortune in their life. Shortly after receiving your talisman you will start to experience the positive blessings and benefits that are requested on your particular talisman. Owners of our talismans will all experience beneficial waves of Angelic blessings, protection and good-fortune manifesting in all areas of their life.

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Talisman of the Seven Archangels

This sacred prayer pendant is a unique spiritual item unobtainable elsewhere, designed to request and attract Angelic blessings to its owner, created by a master Adept highly experienced in the ancient art of creating holy talismans.

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Special SOLID GOLD Edition Talisman of the Seven Archangels

In celebration of the Seven Archangels of Light we would like to offer our valued clients the opportunity to obtain Raphael’s famous secret talisman of the seven Archangels as a special limited edition, hand crafted in the finest British hallmarked solid Gold.

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Rose Gold Plated Talisman of the Seven Archangels

We are pleased to introduce our exclusive solid sterling silver Seven Archangel talisman as a special limited edition, plated in a lavish layer of pure 22 Carat Rose Gold.

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Qabalah Money Talisman

This powerful Money and Financial prosperity attraction talisman was originally developed by ancient Mystic holy men known to history as the Magi with the intention that its possession would swiftly banish all real monetary & financial worries from the life of its owner.

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Qabalah Good Fortune Talisman

The Adept of the Circle of Raphael highly recommends Qabalah Good Fortune talisman as the most effective, beneficial and highly successful Luck and Good Fortune talisman he has ever come across. Ownership attracts Angelic blessings and creates a lifetime of Good Fortune, Well-being and True Prosperity for its owner.

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Chi-Ro Protective Amulet

This ancient and highly protective talisman has been in use for over two thousand yearsand is regarded by the Adept of the Circle of Raphaelas the most successful and highly protective talisman of all time.

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King Solomon’s Love Talisman

This powerful Love Magnet is guaranteed to be the most successful & effective Love & Sexual Attraction talisman on the face of the Earth. Worn or carried on the person it is known to exert a pleasant hypnotic sensation that helps make its owner irresistible both physically & spiritually to any person they desire.

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Magical Talisman of Saturn

Benefits & Blessings associated with the ownership of the Magical Talisman of Saturn. The wearing or carrying of the Magical Talisman of Saturn helps to attract and concentrate Saturn’s spiritual energy and surround the talismans owner with its positive and highly beneficial essence.

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Abracadabra Amulet

Abracadabra is probably the best known of all the ancient angelic talismanic devices. Created in biblical times for the benefit and well-being of all humankind by the elite holy men known to history as the Magi, its proven ability to compel negative situations to diminish and vanish is legendary.

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The First Seal of Agrippa

Embedded into this unique talisman is Agrippa’s highly secret celestial formula of holy angels names and sacred angelic words of power. Traditionally this ancient talisman has been revered by members of esoteric orders including our own master Adept as it is said to hold the angelic power to create true success and help attract financial and material prosperity to its owners, no matter what their situation, ambitions or desires.

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The Second Seal of Agrippa

This unique talisman is one of the most highly prized and successful talismans designed and created by the famous medieval Mystic and Visionary Agrippa {Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim 1486 – 1535. Agrippa is said to have gained his vast knowledge of the working of the secret laws of natures and the attraction of angelic blessings through direct access to copies of ancient manuscripts once belonging to the great biblical King Solomon.

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Qabalah Jupiter House Talisman

The origins of this potent ancient house protector can be traced back to the Holy Land {Palestine} in the early 1st millennium B.C. – this period in history is today referred to by Mystics as the Time of Miracles. With the rise of the Roman Empire, the talismans fame spread throughout the known world.

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The Secret Wand of ISIS

Guaranteed to be the most successful and highly accurate divination device in history or your money back. The world famous Circle of Raphael are proud to offer you the opportunity to test the power of this unique ancient Egyptian divination pendulum for yourself. 

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Five of King Solomon’s Most Powerful and Beneficial Angelic Talismans

Totally exclusive to the Circle of Raphael. King Solomon’s most powerful Angelic talismans originally designed by King Solomon over 3000 years ago with the aid of the Angel Haniel. 

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